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Broken Spring Repair

Torsion springs are very critical parts of the garage door as they help in lift the whole weight of the door when opening. If the extension spring is not operational properly the door will have difficulties closing and opening. The spring is always under very high tension and is always dangerous when handled by unskilled and untrained persons. It can cause serious injuries and damages. It is therefore advisable to let the Laurelton garage door repair technicians replace or adjust your damaged or broken spring. The spring can break because of friction which is caused by rust, or wearing out due to age. It could also be too weak to support a heavy door thus break. Whatever the cause of a broken spring, contact us today and we will hook you up with experts who will replace the spring and adjust it accordingly to achieve the best balance. Our technicians are well equipped with the finest tools to help them replace the spring carefully without hurting themselves or damaging any property. They have been skilled to use the latest technology and to replace any door spring regardless of the door type or design. Once the spring has been replaced it is advisable to keep lubricating it from time to time to avoid rusting and reduce friction this way you will ensure a longer life for the spring. Visit our coupon page regularly to confirm the offers and discounts we have as far as broken spring services are concerned.

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