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New Motor Installation Services

The motor in the garage door opener is another significant part of the door as it helps in opening and closing of the door. The motor is very technical and should be installed or repaired by someone knowledgeable and equipped with skills to handle it. If the door cannot open or close properly and there are no signs of broken spring, the problem could be the motor. Before you conclude that the problem is the motor it is vital to inspect simple hindrances like blocked sensors. If the sensors are not blocked and the door way is clear of any physical object you should call Laurelton garage door repair technicians to inspect the motor for you. The motor has two parts and could be the problem is only with one part of the motor which can be easily repaired. After inspections our qualified technicians will repair any damaged part of the motor and test it. If the whole motor is damaged we will assist you to install a new motor. We assist the customer to purchase the best motor for your opener based on the type of your door and your garage needs. If not taken care of at early stage, motor malfunctions may damage more parts of the garage door leading to a new door installation. To minimize such expenses it is always good to have your motor inspected from time to time and lubricating the moving parts of the motor to reduce wear and tear.

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